Participatory governance

DVC relies on participatory governance as a mechanism to ensure that the college stays focused on its mission as well as its strategic directive (‘Diablo Valley College will increase student success.’), three core values (‘excellence, student Learning, and equity’) and four goals seen on the following pages. It relies on a commitment from all participants (students, classified staff, faculty and managers) to put the needs of our students first and to listen to and respect diverse and sometimes divergent opinions. It gives appropriate weight to input from experts and provides the right for all constituency groups to participate while acknowledging the concomitant responsibility to stay focused on what is best for our students.

Committee and decision making chart - pdf

DVC quick facts - pdf

Glossary of acronyms and terms - pdf

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness - pdf

DVC Mission Statement

Diablo Valley College is passionately committed to student learning through the intellectual, scientific, artistic, psychological, and ethical development of its diverse student body. Diablo Valley College prepares students for transfer to four-year universities; provides career and technical education; supports the economic development of the region; offers pre-collegiate programs; and promotes personal growth and lifelong learning.