Possible career opportunities in horticulture

Career choices in horticulture include: nursery technician, propagator, plant breeder, nursery manager, greenhouse grower, greenhouse manager, garden center manager, arborist/tree worker, landscape architect, landscape designer, grounds manager, landscape contractor, landscape maintenance contractor, golf course manager, and pest controller/advisor.

Certificates of achievement

  • Arboriculture (HORT)
  • Horticulture foundations (HORT)
  • Landscape architecture and design (HORT)
  • Landscape construction and management (HORT)
  • Retail nursery (HORT)

Horticulture class schedules

spring HORT class schedule

summer HORT class schedule

fall HORT class schedule

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Plant sales, open to the public, are held periodically to help support the horticulture department

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