Health insurance

All international students must purchase DVC's health insurance policy. Once you sign up for classes you will be charged for insurance. All students must pay the insurance premium at the beginning of the semester or be DROPPED from all courses. No other insurance can be used to waive this requirement. The insurance fee for fall 2017 it is $500, due by August 25, 2017. The insurance fee for spring/summer 2018 is $700, due by February 2, 2018.

You may pay online through Insite or in person at the Cashier's Office on the first floor of the Student Services Building. Please visit the tuition and insurance payment instructions for complete details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by this insurance policy? View the International Student Health PPO Plus brochure for detailed policy information, schedule of benefits, and health care plan information. 

Why do I need health insurance?
Medical care in the United States is very expensive, as well as complicated. When an unforeseen accident or illness occurs, it is important that you have insurance to cover the high costs of medical treatment. When used in accordance with the guidelines, the insurance policy the college provides is designed to cover 100 percent of medical treatment that a student receives and 50 percent of prescribed medication costs.

We know that the health care system in the United States may be very different from what you are used to; therefore, we are available to answer any questions that you may have. For more information on the plan or to schedule an appointment with an insurance representative, please call Ascension at 800-537-1777.

What if my immigrations status changes?
If your visa status changes or if you terminate your F-1 status, you are no longer eligible for coverage under the Diablo Valley College insurance plan. Your coverage will be terminated. If no claims have been submitted and you are returning to your home country, you may request a refund from the school for the number of full months remaining in the term.

Am I still eligible for coverage if I am not enrolled in classes for summer or do I graduate and go on an optional practical training work permit?
Yes. If you were covered in the spring term you are still covered in summer even if you are not enrolled in classes. If you graduate and go on OPT, you are still eligible for coverage but you cannot enroll through the school. You must contact Ascension at 800-537-1777 to obtain an enrollment form. Students who are on Practical Training must provide a Verification of Practical Training Letter to be eligible for this insurance coverage and must purchase OPT coverage within 31 days of the expiration date of their prior coverage.

What if I get sick and I need to see a doctor?
If you need to see a doctor, you should utilize a PPO provider. While you are allowed to visit any provider of your choosing, if you use a PPO doctor or facility, you will pay less money out-of-pocket.

What if it is an emergency, such as an accident or life-threatening situation?
In the case of an emergency go to the nearest hospital or call 911. You may receive treatment at any hospital. You will pay a $50 copay at an emergency room.

What if it is not an emergency, but I need to see a doctor right away?
If it is NOT a life-threatening condition but you need to see a doctor right away and cannot wait for a scheduled appointment, it is a good idea to visit an urgent care center, rather than a hospital emergency room. *Use of an urgent care center instead of a hospital emergency room may decrease your out-of-pocket expenses, which means it will save you money* Urgent care centers provide medical treatment for minor injuries or sicknesses when immediate care is needed. You must pay a $20 copay at an urgent care center.

The following local urgent care centers are part of the PPO network:

John Muir Physician Network
2700 Grant Street #200
Concord, CA 94520


John Muir Physician Network
1450 Treat Blvd Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA 94597


John Muir Physician Network
2305 Camino Ramon Suite 100
San Ramon, CA 94583


What if I use a doctor or hospital that is not part of the PPO?
If you utilize a doctor or hospital that is not a member of the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you will be responsible for 25 percent of the charges for eligible expenses.

What do I need to bring with me for a scheduled visit with a doctor or hospital?
Always bring your insurance ID card and photo identification. In addition, be sure to bring cash or a credit card to pay your copay directly to the provider. There is a $20 copay at a doctor’s office or urgent care center and a $50 copay at a hospital or emergency room.

How do I get my insurance ID card?
Instructions on how to get your insurance ID card will be emailed to your DVC Insite email address after the start of the term. If you need to seek medical treatment before you receive your card, please contact Ascension at (800) 537-1777 to inquire about your insurance ID number. You need to register and create and account on the insurance company website: Once you are registered and logged in, click the "My Benefits" tab at the top and select your current ID card. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the pdf card.

Does the plan cover preventive care?
Your insurance is an accident and sickness policy. This means your insurance covers you only when you are sick or you have had an accident. However, there is an annual woman’s wellness visit, which includes a Pap smear and a breast exam.

Are prescription drugs covered?
Yes, outpatient (not hospitalized) prescription drugs are covered at 80 percent of actual charges. You should always ask for the generic form (not brand name) of the drug, if available, as this will decrease the cost. You may use any pharmacy, including CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Please note that you will need to pay for prescriptions in full at the time of pick-up. You may then submit a claim for reimbursement to the claims office for the portion the company is responsible for paying.

Is vision or dental coverage provided under this plan?
General vision and dental benefits are NOT provided by this plan. Please contact Ascension at 1-800-537-1777 or visit Ascension's website for details on other options.

Where do I send my bills, claims, or any other important information?
If the bills are given or sent to you, you must send copies of them to the Claims Department. The Claims Department may require further information to process your claim. Send your copies and claims to the following address:

BC – Life & Health
P.O. Box 60007
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

What if I pay for services such as doctor's visits, prescriptions, etc.?
If you have paid for a prescription, doctor visit, etc. with your own money, you will need to submit a claim form for reimbursement. If you do not have a claim form, you may download one at Send copies of the claim form and receipts to the above address. Be sure to keep a copy of all receipts and forms for your records.

How do I check on the status of a claim?
You may contact the Claims Department directly by calling (800) 695-1164. You may request a claims representative who speaks your native language if needed.

What if I'm outside California or the United States and I need medical treatment?
Coverage is worldwide. Any treatment received outside California is covered at 100 percent for PPO and 75 percent for NON-PPO after the copays. The copays cannot be waived. All medical bills, receipts, and other information should be sent to the following address:

BC – Life & Health
P.O. Box 60007
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

Where can I find additional information on the plan?
Go to to do the following:

  • Review your insurance plan benefits and coverage dates.
  • Download claim forms and instructions for filing a claim.
  • Search for a doctor.

What if I have more questions about insurance or I need additional help?
Come in to the ISAS Office during drop-in advising hours for help with finding a doctor, filing a claim, or other insurance questions. Drop-in advising hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.