Assessment Practice Questions

Practice questions are a great way to help prepare you for the English, math, ESL and chemistry assessments. 

English assessment practice questions

The English assessment practice questions includes ten Reading Comprehension sample questions, and one sample writing topic. There is also a WriterPlacer┬« sample essay you can review to understand what is considered a well written essay.

Math assessment practice questions

Our math assessment practice questions are meant to help prepare you for the College Level Math assessment, as well as help you understand if you are ready for a college-level math course. If you cannot pass the 10 sample practice questions, it is recommended that you take the ISSA to better assess your current math skill level.

Since the ISSA can be taken on any device with Internet access and does not require supervision, there are no practice questions for the ISSA. You can take this assessment as many times as you would like. To learn more about taking the ISSA, visit math assessment page ISSA can only be used to assess your math skills. 

ESL practice questions 

The ESL assessment practice questions includes six Reading Skills sample questions and eight Language Use sample questions.


There are no practice questions for the chemistry assessment. Please review your high school chemistry textbook or stop by the DVC Book center to review the textbook used in Chemistry 108.

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